Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

The Karna scholarship owes its origin to the vision of sons and daughters of Indian soil, who want to recognize and award all round excellence to students of the Indian school system.

The idea is to encourage individuals showing all round excellence. It is not meant to address or reward the "book-worms" or provide preferential treatment on extraneous considerations.

The scholarships are long-term investment in the future of India. The students selected would be expected to emerge as leaders in their respective fields and contribute to building a progressive, modern and dynamic India, moving with confidence in the new millennium.

The founders and the funders expect to enthuse a spirit of volunteerism amongst the new generation and establish t he concept of energized private action to address the socio-economic needs of the country.


The Karna scholarship program is run by Karna India with substantial financial support and guidance from Karna Incorporated, a not-for-profit organization based in Peoria, USA. Its objective is to provide financial and moral support to students who demonstrate intellectual distinction of a high order combined with an interest in the socio-economic development of the country.

The Karna Scholars shall be selected by an eminent board of people with proven excellence in their respective fields, having impeccable reputation for integrity and fairness, and dedicated to energizing private action to building leaders in different spheres for the country. Karna scholars are also provided guidance and mentorship through the direct involvement of the scholarship Board and the alumnus.

The Board is looking for scholars who have demonstrated intellectual distinction in pursuit of their academic career and also shown excellence in extra-curricular activities (cultural, creative arts, sports or significant work in the area of socio-economic development). Applications for Karna Scholars are sought from talented individuals irrespective of their field of study in the Bachelor's/Masters or a Professional program for which they should have secured admission.


  • The criteria for the Karna scholarship is as follows:
    1. Academic excellence
    2. Extra-curricular achievements (cultural, creative arts, and/or sports).
    3. Involvement in or contribution to socio-economic development.

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The criteria underscore the all-round excellence sought by the Board. All Karna scholarships follow stringent guidelines and rigorous standards, establishing a level of excellence expected of Karna scholars.

Please print and complete the Application Form in the prescribed format available here. Mail the application form to the address mentioned on the form.

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