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Kooba PG College:  An Ask for Auditorium Building

Kooba Post-Graduate College (est. 1957) is situated at the southern border of District Azamgarh in the state of UP.  The College was founded by Shri Suraj Nath Singh, a veteran freedom fighter and an accomplished lawyer of Allahabad High Court.   Shri Suraj Nath Singh was from the nearby village of Mahuapar.  He understood the long-term social implications of providing quality education to the local population and strongly felt that an institution of higher learning near the village would have a positive impact on the community. 

Kooba PG College is located in the predominantly agrarian setting of Mehnajpur with a population of 120,000 people.  Prior to the establishment of the College, there was no facility for higher education in the surrounding area. Kooba PG College still remains the only accredited institute of higher learning in the area.  The College currently offers the following courses: UG Programme in Social Sciences and Life Sciences and Post Graduate programme in Economics, Geography, Hindi, and Sociology.

The College has approx. 2050 students, with the majority of the student population being females (68%).  In the Undergraduate programme, there are 1400 students in Social Science and about 350 students in the Science stream.   The recently started Post-graduate programme has about 300 students.   The College is run with the support of 34 faculty members and a staff of 18.

Under the leadership of its principal, Dr Anil Kumar Singh, the College recently embarked on various initiatives for providing better facilities to the students.  It recently built 3 classrooms and 4 life sciences labs.   The College is also now equipped with a computer lab with 24 computers and internet access to provide the students with an introduction to the technology enabled world. The College lacks an auditorium where functions could be held, significant events celebrated and lectures of eminent personalities organised.  The plan for a new auditorium has been prepared and seed money for the same is being collected to make it happen soon.   It is expected that the new auditorium will have approximately 5,000 sq feet of floor area and will be able to accommodate approx. 1,000 students.  Its foundation will allow construction of new classrooms on the first floor in future. 

Currently the largest room for gatherings can accommodate about 200 students only.  The auditorium is expected to cost approx. Rs.42 lakhs. The College Committee has sanctioned Rs. 10 lakhs from its reserve fund and it is expected that the students of the College will raise another Rs. 2 lakhs by local community contribution (Rs. 100 per student with approx. 2,000 students contributing).

A rendering of the plan for auditorium is shown on this sheet.  The plan is to start the construction work for the auditorium in July of 2014 with an anticipated completion date of May 2105.  

We are seeking approx. Rs. 30 lakhs from the public for the auditorium by June 30, 2014.  So far we have raised Rs. 20 lakhs under the following heads:

  • Auditorium Naming right               Rs. 10.0 lakhs (committed already)
  • Block Naming right                       Rs.  5.0 lakhs  (committed already)
  • Statue of founder Shri S.N. Singh   Rs.  2.5 lakhs (committed already)
  • Green Room Naming right             Rs.  2.5 lakhs (committed already)

We are currently seeking funding for Rs. 10 lakhs towards the general fund. Your contribution towards the same would be sincerely appreciated.   The fundraising for the Auditorium is being undertaken as a project under the auspices of KARNA, a  charitable organization.    We seek your contributions/ engagement in this significant project with a designation for the funds to go to "Kooba College Auditorium Fund".    Your contribution will go a long way in fulfilling an urgent need of the College.  You will also get the blessings of students for years to come.  

In India please write the cheque in favour of "KARNA India".   In USA please write the check in favor of "KARNA Inc."



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