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Code of Conduct

KARNA volunteers operate under the framework of a code of conduct. The purpose of the code of conduct and its standards are described below.

Purpose of Code
Standards of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is a set of norms, principles and values to standardize the conduct, actions and behavior of KARNA volunteers. The code recognizes KARNA as a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-self-serving, non-governmental, non-partisan and independent organization involved in the promotion of social justice and development.

"Voluntary" in this definition denotes free will on the part of the KARNA volunteers as well as community partners. Although not-for-profit means not for private gain or profit, there may be paid employees or activities generating revenue that will be used solely for public benefit. Non-partisan and independent indicates that KARNA is controlled and directed by its founders in keeping with its mandate honoring community values an obligations and its responsibilities.

The Standards of Conduct are the norms that need to be adhered to.

'We' refers to the volunteers of KARNA who shall be required to be signatories to the Code of Conduct.

Civil Society includes all other formal and informal groups and associations that are not of the public and business sectors.

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