Why support KARNA versus Organization X ?

KARNA was born out of the need to convert the vision that people have during the private conversations and dinner parties into a reality.  The people that support KARNA are people who are committed to not just having a vision but taking it to the next level and making diligent efforts to turn it to reality. KARNA provides a platform for like-minded people.  KARNA is run on a 100% volunteer basis by people who are not looking for photo-opportunities and cheap publicity, it is run by people with exceptional credentials and high integrity.

Charitable organizations are typically rated on the industry basis of expense to program. This ratio determines the amount of overhead dollars compared to actual program expenses for the organization, sometimes also known as "Cost to Raise $100". A typical average for a not-for-profit organization is around 15-20%

KARNA’s record so far is as follows:

Year Overhead Expenses Program Expenses




This uniquely highlights the philosophy of the organization and its volunteer base.

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