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1999-2000 in Review

The 1999/200 financial year was marked by significant achievements for KARNA, considering especially that it was a start-up organization and had an operating year of 10 months only. KARNA was the leading organization in central Illinois region in co-ordinating disaster relief efforts.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) Administrative

uKARNA Incorporated was set-up in September of 1999 as a 501(c)(3) organization and received federal tax exemption in February of 2000. The Board of Directors provided assistance to set-up an independently run KARNA India based at Lucknow, India. Discussions have been initiated with people in Jamaica and Tanzania to set-up similar organizations in the respective countries. This format of partner organizations with similar philanthropic objectives assures the donors that their contributions are utilized in a manner consistent with the philosophy of soliciting organizations.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes)  Relief efforts

Orissa in India was hit by a hurricane (called cyclone in Asia) on October 29,1999 travelling at 160-170 m.p.h. (Hurricane Andrew was 175 m.p.h. on landfall). Severe devastation to the tune of US$2.5 billion was caused and approximately 20,000 people and 200,000 cattle died. One million people lost 90% of their moveable property and over 10 million people lost their sustainable source of livelihood. To compound the problems, none of the affected were covered by any kind of insurance.

KARNA took the lead in central Illinois region in organizing an in-kind donation drive and collected clothing and other material supplies for the less-fortunate people to help them tide over the period of devastation. The compassion and magnanimity shown by the donors was gratifying. Several teenagers and adults provided assistance in sorting, organizing and packing clothing material in designated cartons. Government of India provided assistance by organizing a free shipment by Air India to send the relief material.

Financial assistance was channeled through Vivekananda Kendra of India, an organization that conducted several relief and medical camps for the affected. Incidentally Vivekananda Kendra volunteers were among the first ones to reach the affected and provide immediate assistance.

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KARNA Inc. spent 125.6 % of the contributions received for the Orissa Relief on services and financial assistance connected with the Orissa Relief program. (money was appropriated from the grants for governance, this was made possible by minimizing contracted use of professional services and volunteers absorbing the expenses). This uniquely highlights the philosophy of the organization.

Ginoli and Co. of Peoria were appointed Auditors for KARNA Inc. and have completed the first annual audit for the financial year.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) The Year ahead

This year several projects will be undertaken. The web-site(www.karna.org) development is proceeding very well and is expected to be launched by October 1,2000. Two of the major projects already underway are:

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Scholarship Project

KARNA Inc. has in partnership with KARNA India started a Scholarship Project that shall provide KARNA National Scholarships and Memorial/Honor scholarships to students in India. The Scholarship is based on academic excellence, extra-curricular honors and commitment to socio-economic development. KARNA India has selected a Scholarship Board of eminent personalities to act as panelists for this project. This is a wonderful opportunity to perpetuate the memory of a loved one or repay your debt to your Alma Mater by establishing a Memorial/Honor Scholarship at a school/college of your choice. For details please contact Piyush Singh.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Relief
KARNA Inc. is also planning to set-up in-kind clothing donation boxes in various cities in USA. Starting with central Illinois the boxes with familiar icons shall spread across the country. The clothing shall be sent across to support families of people dedicated to the nation and disaster relief. KARNA does not believe in supporting people who thrive on welfare sustenance.


How can you help ?

KARNA is looking for committed people to run KARNA chapters in different parts of the country. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

KARNA is a federal tax exempt organization, you are assured of effective utilization of any financial or material assistance that you can provide. Donate generously - 1% of your salary, 1 day of your salary or 1 hr of your salary - show the KARNA in you !!!

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