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2000-2001 in Review

The 2000-2001 financial year was marked by significant activity for KARNA, considering especially that it was a start-up organization and did not have much history behind it. KARNA was the leading organization in central Illinois region in co-coordinating disaster relief efforts with a focus towards providing the necessary support to victims of Gujarat Earthquake.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) Administrative

u KARNA Incorporated went through an audit of its financials with Ginoli and Co., a public audit and accounting firm. The auditors signed of the books as well as provided assistance in filing of the returns with IRS.

u KARNA contracted with a web-site development organization and after significant midnight work on design developed the web site and made it operational by late December 2000.

u A relief collection box was designed and established at the Hindu Heritage Center in Peoria,IL.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes)  Relief efforts

On January 26, 2001 at 8:46 am, nature’s fury completely changed the lives of millions of people on the west coast of India in a manner people in other parts of the world could never imagine. While technological advances lead us to advances in every field, we all bow before the destructive forces of Mother Nature and are humbled to suffer its consequences.

In the state of Gujarat, India in a localized area around Bhuj, approximately 30,000 people lost their lives and about 200-300 thousand lost their homes and all their earthly possessions. The process of re-construction shall take a couple of years, but the trauma people have suffered would last much longer and the loss of near and dear ones would never be made up. A healing touch to the people of Gujarat is the need of the hour.

The vast majority of the affected population did not have any life insurance cover. The structures and household belongings were not insured either.

In a spirit of volunteerism, 9000 miles away in Peoria, Illinois (USA), KARNA Inc. took the lead in gathering a network of private and caring citizens of the community. The community was inspired by an Indian sage’s philosophy — ‘serving humanity is serving God’.

The Indian Association of Peoria (IAP) and the Indian Students’ Association (ISA) of Bradley University assisted KARNA INC. volunteers. Jointly they mobilized the community and local voluntary support to provide relief and financial assistance to the unfortunate victims of the natural disaster of horrific dimensions. Hindu Heritage Center (HHC) was kind enough to provide a drop-off facility for material donations.

Fund-raising was done through publicity provided by local print, visual and audio media, direct mailers and door-to-door campaign.

A booth was setup in the local mall by the IAP. The ISA student volunteers went from room to room collecting donations, every nickel and dime, going towards a charitable cause. Direct mailers were sent to different people in the community.

A fund-raising luncheon was held at Weaver Ridge to educate people about the impact of the event as well as generate money through a silent auction of Indian artifacts. Mr. Greg Tiemeier, VP Client Development of Risk Management Solutions (RMS), a catastrophe modeling company, was the guest speaker at the luncheon. Mr. Tiemeier gave an update on the results of the study being conducted by engineers of RMS who had flown to Gujarat to assess the damage caused by the earthquake. His

Fund Raising Lunch
Fund Raising luncheon

insight into the scientific details of the event was very educative and appreciated by everyone. A video of the actual devastation was also shown, highlighting the terrible tragedy, which had overtaken the people of Gujarat. RLI Insurance Company, a local company specializing in earthquake insurance, was kind enough to sponsor the luncheon as community support effort.
These endeavors led to approx. $27,000 being collected within a short span of 45 days. The volunteers also shipped approx. 2700 pounds of relief supplies which included medicines, sleeping bags, tents and clothing, utilizing free airlift services provided by Air India, the national carrier of India.

Relief Efforts
Community Relief Efforts

The relief amount was sent to Vivekananda Kendra (VK), a not-for-profit organization whose volunteers have been in Gujarat since Jan 28 (two days after the earthquake). Their various teams to provide necessary support in the conduct of relief operations are utilizing the funds. Five teams, namely, SContact Team, Distribution Team and Doctors Team are involved in this noble effort. The base camp for VK volunteers is Anjar, a town 15 miles from Bhuj.urvey Team, Scrap Removal Team,

The VK team is concentrating on the integrated development of five villages (Khambara, Tappar, Zaru, Gadpadar and Varshamedi) with a combined population of approx. 20,000 people and approx. 3,000 affected families. About 200 volunteers and 50 specialist doctors are giving their time and energy to alleviate the misery of the unfortunate victims.

Shipment at Air India Cargo facility
Shipment at Air India Cargo facility

The nature of work undertaken by the various teams included removal of material from the damaged houses, cleaning and renovation of the area, demolition of unsafe structures, clearing of roads so as to make them motorable, removing the dead bodies, erecting tents, running communal kitchens,treating patients, building temporary sheds for schools, providing material and infrastructure support tothe local artisans and craftsmen, and providing
facilities to establish contacts with relatives/friends. The re-building efforts shall continue for at least another 2-4 years.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Scholarship project

KARNA Inc. formulated the rules and regulations regarding the scholarship program and built the web site with all the necessary information. Due to the delays in the development of web site as well as timing issues (school/college sessions) it was decided to postpone the promotion of the scholarship program until early 2001. it was also decided to pilot the program with two colleges only so as to further refine the process before launching it full steam in 2002.

This is a wonderful opportunity to perpetuate the memory of a loved one or repay your debt to your Alma Mater by establishing a Memorial/Honor Scholarship at an school/college of your choice.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) Financial

KARNA Inc. again followed up with its philosophy of prudent financial management and…………………………………………………………………………………………

This was made possible by minimizing contracted use of professional services, volunteers spending far and above the expectation of people as well as absorbing the expenses. This uniquely highlights the philosophy of the organization.

Ginoli and Co. of Peoria, our auditors signed off the books as well as provided assistance in filing of the necessary IRS forms.

The Year ahead

The 2001-2002 year is planned as a review year on our current operations, future plans and strategizing for the future. Two of the major projects that will be under way are:

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Scholarship Project

KARNA Inc. will pilot the Memorial/Honor scholarships at the two selected colleges in India. Delhi College of engineering in Delhi as well as VJTI in Mumbai has been selected as the pilot colleges. The web site will be the information dissemination medium and contacts will be made with the college authorities for due publicity at their end. It is hoped that the process will be streamlined this upcoming year for a full launch in 2002-2003.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Relief

The focus this year will be on sending the remaining material and establishing a way to cost-effectively ship material from USA on an ongoing basis

How can you help ?

KARNA is looking for committed people to support KARNA. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

KARNA is a federal tax-exempt organization, you are assured of effective utilization of any financial or material assistance that you can provide. Donate generously - 1% of your salary, 1 day of your salary or 1 hr of your salary - show the KARNA in you !!!

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