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2001-2002 in Review

The 2001-2002 financial year was a quiet year for KARNA, early part of the financial year the world was devastated by the horrific terrorist attacks in USA. KARNA Board decided that considering the gravity of the situation it was best to let the charitable public focus all their resources to the victims of 9/11. The year in summary was spent in further reducing the small operational costs that KARNA has, finding more cost-effective ways of managing the operations.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) Administrative

u KARNA Incorporated went through the annual audit of its financials with Ginoli and Co., a public audit and accounting firm. The auditors signed of the books as well as provided assistance in filing of the returns with IRS.

uKARNA moved the web-site hosting and development to an off-shore company that provided superior service and competitive rates.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes)  Relief efforts

No relief efforts were conducted this year. Review reports were received from VK on the ongoing relief operations in Gujarat. The final remaining lot of relief material was sorted and boxed and made ready for shipment to India to support relief operations

The focus this year will be on sending the remaining material and establishing a way to cost-effectively ship material from USA on an ongoing basis

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Scholarship project

KARNA Inc. piloted the two college scholarships this year. The process, forms etc. was tweaked as we went through the process making it easier on the students as well as the board. VJTI was a great success both from an application quality as well as college participation and commitment standpoint.

The pilot at DCE was not very successful, mainly related to lack of college commitment. Another attempt will be made with DCE in the 2002-2003 year.

Based on the lessons learned and the level of success achieved the Board has decided that this is a viable proposition and holds a lot of promise for the youth of the future. Significant efforts will be put in to continue the focus on expanding the scholarship program. The goal for 2002-2003 is to expand the program to at least 15 honor/memorial scholarships.


subbullet.gif (297 bytes) Financial

KARNA Inc. again followed up with its philosophy of prudent financial management and ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
This was made possible by reducing further the operational expenses, volunteers spending far and above the expectation of people as well as absorbing the expenses. This uniquely highlights the philosophy of the organization.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) The Year ahead

The 2002-2003 year is planned as a focus year for KARNA . Efforts will be focused on the following two major projects:

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Scholarship Project

KARNA Inc. will expandthe Scholarship program this year with a target of doing at least 15 Honor/Memorial Scholarships.

subbullet.gif (297 bytes) KARNA Primary School

KARNA Inc. has identified two primary schools in Arunachal Pradesh, a backward and primarily tribal state in the North-east part of India. KARNA plans to fund the entire operational cost of the two primary schools as well as partner with some local schools in Peoria to provide them with supplies/study materials.

How can you help ?

KARNA is looking for committed people to support KARNA. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

KARNA is a federal tax-exempt organization, you are assured of effective utilization of any financial assistance that you can provide. Donate generously - 1% of your salary, 1 day of your salary or 1 hr of your salary - show the KARNA in you !!!

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